Skip to content can be used to host webЯcade feed documents (see Feed Format).

In many ways, using is superior to Pastebin. It is less restrictive in terms of document sizes and content validation procedures. Further, it does not require verification of accounts that are created.


Although creating and logging into a account is not required, it is highly recommended. Without an account, it is not possible to make changes to existing snippets (feeds). This means that updating a feed would require the creation of a new snippet, which would result in a new feed URL.

Further, does not require verification of accounts that are created.

To host a feed in, perform the following steps:

  • Paste the webЯcade feed content (see Feed Format) into the "snippet content" text area (see screenshot below).

  • Click the "create snippet" button to create the new snippet containing the webЯcade feed (see screenshot above).

  • After the snippet has been created, click the "raw" link (located directly above the feed) to view the raw content feed (see screenshot above).

  • The webЯcade feed URL will be shown in the browser's navigation bar (see screenshot above).

The example from above can be tested by adding a feed with the following URL within the webЯcade player:

It is highly recommended that a link shortener such as TinyURL be utilized to alias the Snippet URL to a more memorable URL (see TinyURL page). The following TinyURL-based URL will redirect to the above Snippet URL.

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