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Pastebin can be used to host webЯcade feed documents (see Feed Format).


Although creating and logging into a Pastebin account is not required, it is highly recommended. Without an account, it is not possible to make changes to existing pastes (feeds). This means that updating a feed would require the creation of a new paste, which would result in a new feed URL.

To host a feed in Pastebin, perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to and scroll (if necessary) to the text area that is titled, "New Paste" (see screenshot below).

  • Paste the webЯcade feed content (see Feed Format) into the "New Paste" text area (see screenshot below).

  • Scroll down (if necessary) until the "Create New Paste" button is shown. Click the "Create New Paste" button to create the new paste containing the webЯcade feed (see screenshot below).

  • After the paste has been created, click the "RAW" button (red highlight in screenshot below) to view the raw content feed.

  • The webЯcade feed URL will be shown in the browser's navigation bar (see screenshot below).

The example from above can be tested by adding a feed with the following URL within the webЯcade player:

It is highly recommended that a link shortener such as TinyURL be utilized to alias the Pastebin URL to a more memorable URL (see TinyURL page). The following TinyURL-based URL will redirect to the above Pastebin URL.

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