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This section contains information related to the development of webЯcade feeds. All of the content that is presented within the webЯcade player (front-end) is directed by the currently loaded feed (only one feed can be loaded at a time). This content includes the images, meta-information (titles, descriptions, etc.), categories, and items (games, etc.) that are available for launching.

See the following pages for detailed information on the development of webЯcade feeds:

  • Feed Editor - The editor provides a simple interface that allows for quickly creating webЯcade feeds without requiring any knowledge of the underlying document format.
  • Feed Resources - Describes in detail, the various resources (cloud-based services, content hosting, etc.) that have been proven to be compatible with the development of webЯcade feeds.
  • Feed Format - Details the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format of a webЯcade feed along with a fully-formed concrete example.
  • Feed Tutorial - Walks through the various steps necessary to create a webЯcade feed manually (versus using the Feed Editor).
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