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The following table contains various resources (cloud-based services, content hosting, etc.) that have been proven to be compatible with the development of webЯcade feeds. It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list and will expand over time.

Clicking on the name of a Resource in the table will navigate to page containing detailed tutorials and information related to the resource.

Resource Description
Dropbox Dropbox can be used to host images, game-related files (ROMs, etc.), and webЯcade feed documents.
Imgur Imgur can be used to host images (backgrounds, thumbnails, etc.) that are referenced in a WebЯcade feed.
Internet Archive Content (ROMs, game files, artwork, etc.) stored in the Internet Archive can be utilized by webЯcade feeds.
Pastebin Pastebin can be used to host webЯcade feed documents. can be used to host webЯcade feed documents.
TinyURL TinyURL can be used to both shorten and alias URLs.
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