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Feed Editor

The webЯcade feed editor, located at, provides a much simpler alternative to the manual creation of feeds. The editor allows for quickly creating webЯcade feeds without requiring any knowledge of the underlying document format.

The editor also includes a ROM analyzer that is capable of determining the appropriate Application type (emulator, etc.) for ROMs as well as any associated meta-information (title, properties, description, and related artwork). The analyze operation is similar to scraping functionality found in other front-ends with the primary difference being that in addition to meta-information the analyzer also establishes the application type and related properties.

The editor provides several ways to create and add items (games, etc.) to feeds. The simplest way being to simply drag and drop ROM-based links into the editor's workspace.


The editor consists of three primary components, as shown in the screenshot below.

The Sidebar (#1 in screenshot above) contains top-level actions that can be performed within the webЯcade editor, while the Feed Workspace (#2 in screenshot above) provides the ability to view and edit the contents of the active feed (the feed currently being edited).

The header actions (#3 in screenshot above) include the ability to display the Settings Dialog along with the ability to view documentation.

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